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Daax specialises in the supply of services to the medical industry and health-care professionals primarily in the area of Oncology.

DAAX is the sole distributor of Faxitron Bioptics digital specimen radiography (DSR) and Galil Medical Cryotherapy systems and accessories in the United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

With the merger of Faxitron and Bioptics the product portfolio now extends to research facilities. Daax are able to provide service and maintenance contracts for all equipment purchased.

Cancer centres and surgeons around the world utilize Faxitron systems in the operating room to reduce breast biopsy and lumpectomy procedure times and improve patient care.

Galil Medical is a global leader in delivering innovative cryotherapy solutions. The company addresses patient conditions across multiple physician specialties; treatment areas include conditions affecting bone, kidney, liver, lung and prostate, as well as targeted pain and nerve applications.



Galil Medical